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Church Organs Hawai’i LLP is honored to represent the ALLEN ORGAN COMPANY, the largest builder of digital church organs in the world. Allen introduced the first digital organs in 1971, long before any other company. Allen is the only digital organ builder that supports every instrument they have built since the 1950s.


We have been serving over 250 churches, chapels and temples on all islands since 1979. Our experienced kama’aina owners work closely with you to select the best organ to fit your budget and the needs of your music program. We provide you with personal service, Hawai'i based certified technicians, and first class workmanship.

Click on the above link to view the many superior models of ALLEN ORGANS that are available to fit any budget.

Refurbished organs that we have available with warrantees for churches, chapels, temples and home studios.



We support what we sell and offer much better new organ parts and labor warrantees

than any other company in Hawaii.

Some of the many ALLEN ORGAN installations that we have all over Hawaii, more than all other brands combined! Hover your curser over the slide or click on it for more information.

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