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We will work with your team to begin the process of planning for a new organ. Any questions can be addressed as needed.

When choosing a church organ it is important to learn about the various options available and how to avoid pitfalls in the process. We recommend this resource


After determining the needs of your music program we will present you with options that will fulfill those needs within your budget.


All full size Allen Organs can be customized with many deluxe features and upgrades that are not offered by other companies. A variety of console styles and wood finishes are available that will compliment the architectural features of your church. Be sure to ask about exclusive options for Allen premium keyboards.


When your new organ arrives we will do the installation and testing. The next step will be custom voicing of the organ to optimize the way it sounds and responds in your church sanctuary. The final step will be a session with your organists to familiarize them with the many advanced features available.


During the extended labor warranty period we will inspect your new organ every year at no additional charge. If any adjustments are needed this is included. Due to our climate in Hawaii, all organs can be expected to need regular service to maintain them in the best condition. After the extended warranty period we offer annual preventive maintenance at very reasonable rates.


If your ALLEN ORGAN has a problem on Sunday we can, in most cases, have it repaired by the next weekend. Unlike other companies, we maintain a large inventory of replacement parts and assemblies for Allen Organs that have been built since the 1950s. 


For existing pipe organs we offer complete regular tuning and maintenance. Tuning should be done at least twice per year or as needed for your music program. Most regular maintenance can be done on site as needed.


We have extensive experience with adding new Allen Organ digital consoles to existing pipe organs. Over the past several years the Allen Pipe Interface system has been rock-solid dependable in the installations we have done for pipe organs in Hawaii. A new Allen Organ console will enhance your existing pipe organ with many additional voices and state-of-the-art console control options. 

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